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The exclusive Frama ComTouch™ springs to life, immediately displays every function you need and guides you through the entire franking process step by menu guided step. That´s System Intelligence made by Frama.

See yourself how easy it is to use th patented user interface from Frama.

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Plug&Play systemYour Frama Matrix F2 comes configured and ready to use. Getting started, changing and setting the inkjet cassette are so simple with its Plug&Play system.
Fitting ScaleSimply place your letter on the scale, select the postal product and your Frama Matrix F2 automatically selects the correct postage by continually obtaining the latest rates from the FramaOnline2 data centre.
Simple handlingWith our patented user platform ComTouch™ it’s easy to handle your daily post.
1-D BarcodeThe intelligent system of Frama Matrix F2 generates the correct barcode for recorded and special delivery mail (not availbale in some countries).
In future, you’ll only have to take the letter to the post-box.
Whether bulky or slimEnhance the appearance of your office with a Matrix F2.
Impress!With five advertising stamps, three pre-programmed promotion messages as well as the possibility to create your own text messages; you have all you need for the best communication with your customer – and all of this in impressive contrast and crisp lettering thanks to HQ print mode with 600 dpi.

Key Features Matrix F2

  • 1250 letters per hour
  • Process envelope thickness up 10mm
  • ComTouch™
  • 18 programmable OneTouch functions
  • HQ print mode with 600 dpi
  • Automatic, side letter ejection
  • 1-D Barcode: direct franking of supplemental postal services
  • 5 designable and selectable advertising stamps
  • 3 advertising messages
  • 2 self-programmable additional texts
  • 2 cost centres with clear text designation
  • A variety of reports
  • Blocking of high franking amounts
  • Automatic date settings
  • Incoming mail stamp function
  • Advertising stamp without postage
  • Scale interface
  • Built-in modem
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 305 x 210 x 205 mm


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