Caring For Your Whiteboard

Caring For Your Whiteboard


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  • Never use permanent marker on your board. Only use good quality dry erase markers.
  • Erase text and drawings as soon as they’re no longer required.
  • Replace erasers regularly as they do build up pigment.
  • Avoid using household cleaners on the whiteboard.
  • Clean the whiteboard before first use and then each week with a liquid whiteboard cleaner.
  • Use liquid cleaner sparingly with a soft paper towel or lint free cloth. Buff to a shine.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes after cleaning before using the board.
  • The board is clean if you feel resistance when running your finger across it.
  • Avoid placing whiteboards in path of airflow from air conditioners.

Removing Permanent Marker

If permanent marker has been used on the board, try these tips:

  • Use a whiteboard erasable pen to trace over the marks you need to remove. Allow to rest for 5 minutes, then clean with a whiteboard eraser.
  • You can try methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol and polish with a soft cloth.
  • DO NOT use acetone or alcohol if lines or text are part of the board’s design as they will be erased!
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or toothpaste – these will destroy the surface.

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